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General FAQs about the Name Change

The landscape of higher education and student lending has changed. As Trellis Company, we are embracing those changes and building a broader scope of educational services to support colleges and students. Our goal is to create an environment in which students and institutions can successfully navigate the complexities of today’s higher education market.

The core name ‘Trellis’ represents growth, potential, and adaptability, which are the positive traits we will display to our customers and potential customers. It also represents strength, guidance, and partnership, which are the positive traits of TG’s heritage that are also a big part of who we are.

In many ways they are the same. TG will always be a central part of who we are. In renaming the company and changing the brand, it was very important to bring the ‘best of TG and our heritage’ with us. Trellis Company is made up of all the great parts of TG, along with all the potential and opportunities of our future.

Yes, we remain a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

No, it does not. If anything, this change will help us to expand our support to the higher education community due to a better ability to work on a more national level and offer more services.

The TG name has been retired. Trellis Company is our new name going forward, inside and outside the company, as of November 1, 2017. That doesn’t mean you won’t see ‘TG’ or ‘TGSLC’ on some systems and documents. This name change and transition will take some time.


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General FAQs about the Name Change

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