Pre-Collections/Default Prevention Services

It’s no secret that collections are often an expensive process for everyone involved. HigherEDGETM pre-collections and default prevention services from Trellis are designed to guide student borrowers back to good standing before collections efforts become necessary.

In addition to the financial benefits to avoiding the collections process, helping students through what can be a difficult and stressful time—via well-developed pre-collections and default prevention programs—can also have a positive impact on the long-term relationship and overall student success. Recent studies show that students who remain in school and graduate are less likely to default on their student loans.

Making the pre-conversation count

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2018 performance results demonstrate success:

  • 144,000 borrowers
  • Averted $2.1 billion in potential defaults
  • 89.2% cure rate
  • 303,185 calls
  • 311,000 virtual calls
  • 250,000 emails

A process built on positive relationships and outcomes

Trellis employs an ‘advocacy and guidance’ approach to pre-collections and default prevention based on 40 years of experience in higher education finance, student financial literacy, and research. We work collaboratively with students to help educate them on their options and money management strategies. Then, together, we develop sustainable payment plans to help bring their outstanding balances current, including tuition, so they can be returned to good standing and continue or return to their post-secondary education.

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