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Preserve Relationships and Keep Revenue Flowing with HigherEDGETM services from Trellis

Maintaining positive relationships with student borrowers is critical. It’s also becoming far more challenging, especially within the growing complexities of today’s higher education financing. Whether you’re a college or university in need of recovering past due student account balances or a private student loan lender, HigherEDGE services from Trellis helps you maintain the delicate balance of addressing the realities of the present situation, while keeping in place the building blocks of a future relationship.

An image of a thumbs-up used to illustrate "4.23 out of 5 customer satisfaction rating (5 year average)".

4.12 out of 5 customer satisfaction rating (5 year average)

An image of an emblem used to illustrate "Exemplary audit and compliance history/No negative juudgments".

Exemplary audit and compliance history/No negative judgments

An image of a human head with lightbulb used to illustrate "Deep experience and expertise in higher education collections".

Deep experience and expertise in higher education collections

An image of a bullseye and arrow used to illustrate "Well-run, transparent, and extremely responsive operations".

Well-run, transparent, and extremely responsive operations

Experience Makes A Difference

Over our 40-year heritage in higher education finance, Trellis has honed a consultative, educational approach to working with student borrowers to guide them towards successful repayment and a positive brand experience. The Trellis model has proven it is possible to have high-performing portfolios while maintaining positive relationships. In fact, it’s how we are able to maintain a high customer satisfaction rating (4.12/5 over 5 years).

Simply stated, HigherEDGE services from Trellis are able to efficiently deliver top-tier student account recovery services for colleges, universities and private lenders of all sizes.

Key Highlights

» Consultative contact center/collections operations
» Payment portal
» Recovery of all types of balances (small/large/tuition/misc)
» Licensed in all 50 states and U.S. territories
» Bilingual services
» High volume capacity

» Embedded culture of compliance and data security
» FISMA/NIST compliant (facilities & systems)
» Strong portfolio and fiscal management
» Growth-designed 250,000 square feet of facilities
» Nonprofit 501(c)(3)
» Founded in 1979

Let’s Talk

For more information, download our information sheets, or contact us at Let’s discuss how working with Trellis can support your revenue and long-term student/customer relationship goals.

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