Student Financial Wellness Survey (SFWS)

About the Survey

Trellis Company conducts this annual, nationwide student financial wellness survey to explore the connection between student finances and academic success. Trellis is a nonprofit company with origins in administering federal student loan programs and has nearly 40 years of experience working with students and higher education institutions to expand opportunities for students.

The Importance of Participating

The Student Financial Wellness Survey (SFWS) seeks to document the financial well-being and student success outcomes of post-secondary students across the nation. This self-reported, online survey of students is 100% free for institutions to use.

By providing deeper insights into the interconnectedness between student financial stress and student success, the SFWS can be used to:

  • Inform college success and financial support programming at institutions.
  • Provide institutional reports on the financial wellness of the student body and key campus climate metrics.
  • Use institutional data to provide context to student responses and inform campus policy.
  • Create a nationally-recognized data set around student finances that aligns with the needs of post-secondary institutions, state and federal governments, as well as nonprofit entities.

“The University of Oklahoma was extremely interested in participating in Trellis’ Student Financial Wellness Survey in the Spring 2018 semester. By participating in the survey we hope to include our students’ input into the national financial wellness data measures being collected. We plan to utilize this important research to further refine our various student financial services offered at the University of Oklahoma and to ensure we are addressing and targeting the actual needs of students as indicated in the final results.”

Judi Voeller
Associate Director, Grants, Research and Special Projects
The University of Oklahoma, Student Financial Services