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An important message to all Trellis Company borrowers and customers regarding COVID-19
Due to COVID-19, you may experience longer than usual hold times when you call us for assistance. You can leave a voicemail, or send us an email requesting a call back. Contact us at, and include your phone number and case number/account number if you have it. For instant access to the student loan information you need, see our Student Loan Borrower Resources and visit

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Student Success Program Development & Research

Program development, research, and direct-to-student services that help guide and support student success programs at colleges and universities.

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At-Risk Student Account & Loan Management

HigherEDGE services by Trellis manages past-due student accounts for colleges and lenders, including default prevention counseling and recovery.

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Student Loan Borrower Payment & Resource Portal

Information, services, and tools to help you plan and pay for college, learn money management skills, and successfully repay your student loans.

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Student Success Program Development & Research

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Student Financial Education

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Student Outreach

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Institutional Consulting

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At-Risk Student Account & Loan Management

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Pre-Collections/Default Prevention Services

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Account Recovery Services

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Borrower Resources & Payment Portal

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Access Your Account

Access myTrellis™ for payments and information

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About Student Loans

Overview of student loans and repayment options

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Smart Borrowing

Guidance to determine what to borrow

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Borrower Forms

Library of downloadable student loan forms