Research Services

Trellis provides in-depth research services to institutions of higher education, think tanks, funders, and policymakers to support educational attainment. With more than three decades of research experience, Trellis continues delivering deep insights that assist in identifying and solving issues that inhibit student success and outcome metrics.

Research Service Framework

Trellis provides research services in the following areas:

  • Survey Design and Administration: Trellis designs and implements surveys that support individual institutions or that function as multi-institutional survey instruments. Including climate surveys, student surveys, and public perception surveys.
  • Analytics: Trellis utilizes institutional data to develop predictive models to help inform campus strategic planning and programming. Additionally, Trellis analyzes data collected through various instruments to construct models and create informative framing for clients.
  • Evaluation: Trellis administers evaluation-based projects using blended quantitative and qualitative expertise centered on individual programs, services, or initiatives related to student success, student finance, and enrollment management.
  • Custom Research: Trellis develops custom research engagements for institutions using quantitative and qualitative methods (including institutional data and managing data collection). Additionally, Trellis mines internal data sets to provide support for strategic planning and initiatives.

Trellis Research supports institutions of higher education, think tank organizations, grant makers, state entities, and public policy organizations in advancing their research agendas.