Get notified whenever a default aversion assistance request is filed on a Trellis (formerly TG)-guaranteed loan

In accordance with federal regulations, a school can make a blanket request to be notified whenever any of the school’s current or former FFELP loan borrowers are the subject of a default aversion assistance request (DAAR).

Upon the receipt of such a request, Trellis will notify the school or school’s agent of the lender’s request for default aversion assistance. There is no charge to the school or school’s agent for this notification. Information provided on the report is derived directly from DAAR updates received from lenders and servicers. If your school has implemented a default management program, these reports may be valuable to you.

Need help or want more information?

If you are interested in receiving an electronic school report that lists your current and former students’ delinquencies, or if you have technical questions or need technical assistance with the electronic default aversion assistance request notification, please contact Trellis by emailing