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Trellis Research designs and implements customized strategies for organizations focused on higher education student success, student finance, enrollment management, and workforce development. Whether it’s supplementing the capabilities of your research office through data analysis or collection, communicating trends to stakeholders, or assessing initiatives, Trellis Research can devise cost-effective solutions and provide the analysis you need to drive institutional and student success.

Recently Published Studies

  • In Need, Students Use Safety Net Resources With Varying Levels of Security [available now]
  • Perception is Reality: Attitudes and Experiences of Student Loan Borrowers [available now]
  • Juggling Family And Finances: The Financial Struggles And Obligations Of Parenting Students [available now]
  • Comparison Of Findings For Community College Students: Results From Trellis’ Fall 2020 And 2021 Student Financial Wellness Surveys [available now]
  • Hungry Minds: Student Awareness and Use of Food Pantries at 91 Colleges and Universities [available now]
  • Transportation Barriers And School Loyalty: Results From Trellis’ Fall 2021 Student Financial Wellness Survey [available now]
  • Student Financial Wellness Survey, Texas Community Colleges, Fall 2021 [available now]
  • Student Financial Wellness Survey, Texas Community Colleges, Fall 2021 – Infographic [available now]
  • Studying on Empty  [available now]
    • Longitudinal Fluidity in College Food Security: Disruptions, Restoration, and Its Drivers [available now]
  • State of Student Aid (SOSA) – TX    [available now]
  • Borrower Repayment Patterns – Collaboration with Pew Charitable Trusts     [available now]
  • Parent Borrowing Study – Collaboration with Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas [available now]
  • PLUS Borrowing in Texas [available now]

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