Student Re-Engagement

Trellis Company is dedicated to helping institutions design and create student success programs that measure and address student financial wellness issues on campus. Through programs, research and analysis, and support Trellis Company helps institutions develop outcomes-based success programs and direct-to-student services that help students understand and navigate the growing complexities associated with education financing.

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Students with some college and no degree represent a huge potential for colleges to re-engage students, help them graduate, and realize the potential of a college education. But re-enrolling students need special attention and support such as special advising on academic progress, financial aid options, transferring credits, and other unique topics.

Trellis can help institutions connect with stopped-out students, invite them to re-enroll, and encourage them to graduate.

Communication to Stopped-Out Students

Many colleges have large lists of students with some college but no degree. Contacting students about returning requires diligence.

Trellis can do this by:

  • Sending text messages inviting students to start the re-enrollment conversation.
  • Calling students with information on deadlines, steps to re-enroll, and other key information.

Students also can make inbound calls to re-connect with someone quickly.

Research and Consulting

  • Research and Surveys: To better support re-enrollment and retention, it’s important to understand why students stopped out. Trellis Company can survey former students and develop insights on challenges that created disruptions.
  • Student Re-Engagement Planning: Trellis Company can evaluate the process for re-enrolling former students and offer best practices to make re-entry simpler and easier for students. In many cases, the onboarding procedures for first-time students don’t work for re-enrolling students and Trellis can help understand where extra or different supports for returning students are needed.

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