Institutional Consulting

Trellis’ Institutional Consultants support student enrollment, retention, and graduation at colleges and universities. Trellis consultants are well versed in enrollment management, student experience, and overall student success.

Services Offered

  • Strategic Enrollment Planning: Creation of a user-friendly dashboard of key goals to assist an institution with optimizing its new and continuing student enrollment in keeping with its mission.
  • Customer Experience Consulting: Evaluation, consulting, and training of the student experience from start to finish at the institution with a goal of making it easier both for students and college staff.
  • Student Re-Engagement Planning: Evaluation of the college operations and systems to re-enroll former students and give them the support they need to return and graduate. Trellis can also, as a separate service, help the college contact former students to start the re-enrollment process.
  • Student Success Planning: Evaluation of how students are supported from application all the way to graduation. This consultation will evaluate communication, advising, counseling, and co-curricular support programs and, if needed, offer recommendations on ways to improve support.

Examples of Consulting Projects

Trellis has extensive experience working with colleges on enrollment management, customer service and experience, and student support.

Through our many consultations and training programs, we find that colleges can often make significant changes to student enrollment and retention using the resources they already have. Colleges don’t always need to invest in new programs and technologies.

Our approach to consulting is a “light approach.” We don’t require the college set up extensive committees or specialized budgets to work with us. We will analyze your existing process and give feedback on where we see small changes that can make a big difference.

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