Diversity, Equality, and Belonging

At Trellis, we believe in the inherent value that each person has to offer. The Trellis everyone= program is focused on promoting and celebrating diversity, equality, and belonging across our family of companies, and in the relationships and interactions we have with our partners, our customers, and our community.

Trellis everyone= Vision

That we are a family of companies where diversity, equality, and belonging are self-evident.

 Trellis everyone= Purpose

To actively foster an environment of diversity, equality, and belonging within Trellis and its subsidiaries.

What is included in Trellis’ everyone= program?

Trellis Company Everyone Equal Logo BThe Trellis everyone= program extends to everything that we do at Trellis, including who we recruit, hire, and promote, as well as who we do business with.

Starting with us

We work to develop a diverse team that feels at home while making a difference.

Forging valuable partnerships

Supporting our community

Focusing on education, we create opportunities for people to make decisions that improve their lives.

Have an idea, request, or concern?

We’ll always welcome your input and feedback. If you’d like to send us a message about the everyone= program, submit it below or send an email to everyoneequal@trelliscompany.org.