Education on the Installment Plan: The Rise of Student Loan Indebtedness in Texas

Federal law requires colleges to provide student loan counseling to their federal student loan borrowers, which colleges can do by directing their students to complete online counseling modules. This report (fourth in a series of five from TG Research) explores institutions that have voluntarily implemented additional measures designed to better prepare their borrowers. Researchers interviewed staff at these institutions to investigate the key components of their counseling programs. Though the programs vary, all had at least a few of the following factors: cross training of staff, holistic financial education, deliberate marketing, student targeting, in-person loan counseling, peer-to-peer programs, and data-driven decision making.


Carla Fletcher, With Jeff Webster, Kasey Klepfer, and Chris Fernandez

Release Date

September 2015


Fletcher, C., Webster, J., Klepfer, K., & Fernandez, C. (2015). Above and Beyond: What eight colleges are doing to improve student loan counseling. TG Research. Retrieved from: