Reinstatement of Eligibility for Federal Student Aid

One of the consequences of default is the loss of eligibility for additional federal student aid. Your eligibility for federal student aid may be reinstated if you request reinstatement and then make six consecutive, voluntary, on-time, full monthly payments to Trellis. After you meet these qualifications, Trellis will send the appropriate notification to your school, upon request, that you’ve fulfilled your obligations under these arrangements, making you eligible again for additional federal student aid.

Once your federal student aid eligibility has been reinstated, you must remain current on your loan payments throughout the repayment period. If you don’t, you’ll become ineligible for additional federal student aid until your defaulted loans are paid in full.

For more information on how to request reinstatement of your federal student aid eligibility and set up repayment arrangements, call Trellis Borrower Services at (800) 222-6297 or send an email to