Student Outreach

Financial Coaching

Studies suggest that student coaching increases persistence and retention in college students. Trellis’ certified coaches use a student-centered approach that encourages critical thinking and planning so students can retain these vital skills for the rest of their lives.

About Trellis Coaching Services

Trellis provides students with personalized, confidential, one-on-one financial coaching. Typically student concerns/needs relate to:

  • Money Management—such as spending/budgeting, saving strategies, short-term financial needs, or healthy financial habits
  • Financial Aid—such as financial aid options, FAFSA completion, repayment plan options, or how much to borrow
  • Academic and Career Support—such as school/work/life balance, time management, career path options, or the financial opportunities of different academic majors

Trellis provides virtual coaching sessions to allow students to privately discuss their goals and develop an action plan for success.

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Trellis financial coaching services supplement your school’s current student success initiatives. These services can positively impact campus-based programs, including:

  • Incoming students (first year or transfer)
  • Enhanced entrance and exit counseling
  • First-year course
  • Payment plan guidance
  • Pre-emptive support for at-risk students
  • Change in academic major
  • Emergency aid
  • Stop-out guidance

Communications for Real-time Student Engagement

Trellis can help you design a digital communications and engagement campaign to reach future and current students at critical times during the year. Digital communications, such as texting, can direct students to vital information and resources to assist them from the beginning of their higher education journey all the way to graduation and beyond.

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The Trellis team can help design and deploy campaigns and communications strategies for student engagement:

  • Pre-enrollment activities such as registration and orientation
  • Getting settled support
  • Campus resources
  • Financial aid questions
  • Account payment reminders
  • Other administrative reminders

Support includes messaging, scheduling and campaign integration, timing, and ad hoc programs.