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Trellis Company offers regular webinars on a variety of topics, including industry trends and issues, financial literacy, Trellis products and services, and professional development topics. You can also immediately watch our previous webinars listed at the bottom of this page.


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Does maintaining a high level of customer service seem harder than it should? Do you get too many students wanting to “speak to the director” or leaving the office unhappy? In this webinar, we’ll discuss 5 principles of simple, easy-to-follow customer service principles you can share with your team.

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An image of a group of students in a classroom.The State of Student Aid and Higher Education in Texas (SOSA) annual report serves as a reference for colleges, universities, and policymakers, and provides a comparison of Texas state and federal student aid programs.

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An image of the opening screen of the Student Financial Wellness Survey WebinarTrellis’ Student Financial Wellness Survey (SFWS) seeks to document the financial well-being of post-secondary students and provide institutions with a detailed profile of the financial issues their students face, some of which could potentially impact their success in college.

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