Round Rock, TX — There is widespread concern about the financial challenges students face, however, institutions of higher education have little empirical data to understand the situation on their own campus or to compare themselves to a common benchmark. In an effort to better serve students, inform campus policies, and improve institutional metrics, TG is conducting a nationwide survey to document the financial well-being of post-secondary students.

This self-reported, online survey of students is 100% free for institutions to use. Any institution of higher education may sign up to participate in one of three survey implementations – Spring 2018, Fall 2018, or Fall 2019.

“For participating schools, this is a great opportunity to learn more about the financial wellness of their student body as well as student perceptions about their institution,” said Jeff Webster, TG Director of Research. “Institutions that take part in the survey will receive free reports that allow them to compare their results with similar schools in their sector.”

The research study will primarily be driven by three research questions:

  1. How do students view their institution’s awareness of the financial challenges they face?
  2. How do financial barriers alter students’ views about college?
  3. How do financial stress and financial barriers relate to success in college?

The survey will also include questions related to the challenges many students face with finances, student debt, academic goals, paying for college, housing and transportation insecurity, and more.

“From a research perspective, our hope is that we can create a nationally-recognized data set around student finances that aligns with the needs of colleges, state and federal governments, and nonprofit entities,” said Webster. “Survey findings and analysis will be provided to participating institutions about three months after we administer the survey.”

If institutions would like to participate, they should contact Kasey Klepfer, the project’s coordinator, at or they may sign-up online at


TG is a nonprofit corporation that promotes educational success to help millions of students and families realize their college and career dreams. TG provides critical support to schools, students, and borrowers at every stage of the federal student aid process from providing information on how to pay for a higher education including financial aid options, to facilitating successful loan repayment after graduation.

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