Income-Driven Repayment Application Tutorial

You’re approaching a new milestone with your federal student loan. The rehabilitation process is ending, and your loan is moving to a new servicer.

Your monthly payment is going to change. To get the most affordable monthly loan payment, you need to complete this application for the Income-Driven Repayment Plan.

Image of a exclamation point used as the Icon for "ALERT".

If you don’t complete this application, your monthly payment will no longer be based on your income. Instead, your required payment amount will be based on a Standard Repayment Plan, which could be higher.

You will need to mail this completed application to your new servicer. You can either fill in the pdf online or print it out first to complete it by hand.

These simple instructions will help you finish the application in about 10 minutes.

Before you begin, you’ll need access to your federal income tax return and, if you’re married, your spouse’s income information.

If you’re married, you’ll need to have access to your spouse’s Social Security number, date of birth, and proof of income (such as a pay stub). If you don’t have that information, it is OK. You can complete the application by selecting “Married But Can’t Access Spouse’s Info.”

Let’s get started! Select the filing instructions that match your situation.

Choose How You Will Be Filing